The continuation of innovation: engraved IWC Cal. 8000 movement modification panel

I remember last year, I in the local ho forum, launched the first high imitation Omega Cal.8500 movement evaluation, no doubt, in 2014, a year of high imitation Omega Cal.8500 has become a burst of money in the Of the explosion models. I believe that in 2014 there is rolex replica watches no friend who does not know Omega high imitation table AT, OP, DV, there is a version of the original movement and exactly the same. So today's movement, there is no doubt that this is a new beginning, which is IWC nations of the self-produced movement, Cal.89000 Department of the movement, is mainly aimed at the back of the nations of Portugal chronograph series movement Pieces, if you like the nations of the watch, or the transformation of the movement want to do some understanding, this article is worth a visit. First of all, I would like to declare that: for various reasons, I will introduce this movement, and can be clearly informed that this program has been in high imitation watches have started using the replica watches uk. However, I managed the high imitation table mall, the sale of the solution will not use the high imitation table. If you like the movement of the program, we can hold my picture to ask other businesses, so that they help you find the movement of the watch. Let us look at the relevant details, I believe that the general program I have read the article before the Friends of the table should be understood, I will not repeat the explanation here. But the details from the point of view, this movement plate design is very good. Accurate multi-color lettering, and the sun pattern Polish, making this movement in the details of the look is still very beautiful. In short, this movement is the rolex replica uk United States and up to Omega Cal8500 series of modifications to the movement of a re-version of the program, it can be said that a sister version. Basic movement can also use the United States of America reached the movement, or domestic Pearl 21J movement two, I believe in the future use of this program will open more and more people, in the latter part of the chapter, I will give you to explain , How to distinguish between these two versions of the movement, as well as on the choice of this program movement. Well, thank you for watching