See also tourbillon, how to select the tourbillon watch?

Hello everybody, today to explain an article on the tourbillon post, on a detailed Tourbillon, I believe we have the essence of tourbillon, and basic knowledge has been fully aware of, then today to explain to you some of my personal View of tourbillon selection. Of course, this can be benevolent see benevolence see wisdom, I am not the authority, we can enjoy discussing. If you intend to buy tourbillon replica rolex watches, especially the high imitation of the tourbillon watch, then this article is worth a visit. At least allow you to have a reference in the selection. Today, I show you the standard version is the standard three-needle tourbillon, there is no complex function, in fact, in my personal view of the first entry tourbillon watches, especially high imitation fake rolex watches. The best choice to feature a simple tourbillon style, because the watch is a product of time art, is not simple, a logic, I spent 10,000 to buy the watch, that the quality is better than 5000, especially Tourbillon . Can only say that more expensive watches, watchmakers spend time on this watch energy to be more. So more expensive to achieve the function of the watch more. Then it means that only the small parts of the table may be more fragile. In the use of the time need to double care. Here we take a look at this tourbillon movement, this tourbillon movement is also produced by the Tianjin Central European watch industry standard tourbillon, no calendar, no special features of the standard flywheel. Positive use of pearl Polish panel, cover all parts of the part. We look at the back of this movement, we can note that this movement in addition to chrome metal, to improve the appearance of the finish, there is one aspect of the upgrade is the double barrel of the machine, metal plating process As early as 2012, the earliest high imitation Panerai, P, 9000 movement plywood has been achieved. However, the double barrel of the box mechanism is only cited in 2014 to a high imitation table, the use of this dual-winding mechanism, you can watch the energy storage increased by 70% to 72 hours or more of energy storage. In the operation of the flywheel, the last article I have described in detail. Here will not do more to explain. I personally just like to watch the feel of the flywheel 360 ° spin feeling the passage of time. So also took a few more, we can see, made flywheel mechanism, in fact, is very delicate. All the gears and bayonet, are very small. Although this is a great distraction to the maintenance, but also can be said that a very delicate tourbillon, if the plane to the cost (of course, the cost of crime) factors aside from the appearance of more carefully, and Switzerland Factory-like Tourbillon movement really is not impossible to do. Well, this article is mainly to explain the flywheel to buy the recommendations, here I summarize ①: The first selection of tourbillon replica watches uk, try to select a simple tourbillon. ②: Tourbillon watches very difficult to repair, so if you want long-term use, while high unit prices, be sure to select the warranty Kaopu businessmen to buy. If the budget is limited, while high imitation table itself has no confidence, but also very much like tourbillon. It is recommended to buy Seagull, Shanghai, and other big domestic tourbillon watches. ③: Once the Tourbillon watch over the warranty period, we must cherish, paid tourbillon repair costs are difficult to estimate. If it is a large repair, because most tourbillon parts are only the production side only, and there is no third-party accessories can be replaced, can only be repaired by the production side. So do not arbitrarily to the tourbillon watch to a third party maintenance, otherwise, the more repair the more bad. For the novice tourbillon selection program, I think these three points is very important. Well, thank you for watching.