Pocket watch or watch: Comment on high imitation Panerai "PAM0076" clamshell commemorative section, worthy of collection of high imitation table

Yesterday, I give you Detailed Rolex Cal 3135 movement of the latest version. Tell the truth, compared to the high imitation table, I prefer to explain the real Swiss watch technology, more willing to write a real intention of "creating" things, such as authentic Rolex Cal.3135 movement, so today I explain to you is Genuine Rolex Cal.3135 movement of the non-blue gossamer version, this movement has now disappeared, is certainly not a new movement there. This movement is from my own in 2010 to buy the authentic submerged removed, when Rolex blue gossamer does exist, but the penetration rate is not high, that year to buy genuine Rolex's friends should have the impression that at that time A lot of forums are discussing V prefix, A prefix like the number of issues, to interpret the production time, just to get a blue gossamer swiss replica watches , then the new version of the old version in the end there is a gap? Today, there is no clear conclusion. So today I will do a detailed evaluation. If you are interested in this friend, the gold content of this article is still very high First, the appearance of Xiangjie: We can see that the appearance of the old and new versions of the movement is no difference, whether Polish way, or the design of large firmware are exactly the same. Of course, the movement can not be changed and the smart phone as a big change a year, mechanical products, often affect the whole body, the movement of production is the need for the entire clock supply chain collaboration can be completed, uk replica watches Perfect 3135 system is still willing to advance with the times, it can be said is a very good conscience business. Fourth, the accuracy of inspection I did not how to wear, the basic are out of the static state, but still because the storage time is too long, walking a bit on the fast side. But the stability still exists. You can calibrate through the late days will become smaller, we can see the stability of the Rolex movement is still very trustworthy. After all, this is a store for many years, the new table Fifth, details & special features Detailed On the whole of some things, in the last one, I have done a lot of explanation, we can also take pictures of me to see one or two, I personally feel that the explanation is not significant. So I do not write too much in this regard the text. Movement is the most worthy of explanation is that the factory for the accuracy of some of the technical development and innovation, I think this is the key to explain. So I divided some small class to explain to you these things ①: hairspring & KIF shock absorbers Most of the watches used in the gossamer material "nickel-based alloy", including a large number of ETA movement is the use of such materials, Rolex's 3135 in this area or do a lot of effort in the study. I use a new type of alloy material, different from the nickel-based alloy, but the specific, the network divergent views, although I have doubts, but like the spectrometer this large machine is very good to distinguish steel, but for small Of the gossamer, really is powerless, but personal feeling on the hairspring material changes. For extreme environments, the accuracy of the watch is still very helpful. As to whether there is meaning, it is really benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom. Of course, this is no doubt reflects the entrepreneurial spirit of Rolex, is still very worthy of praise. I believe that friends who have read my previous posts know that the supply chain of watches is very subtle. Including a movement is also divided into many song supply chain manufacturers in the shock of the Swiss well-known supply chain manufacturers Incabloc and KIF two, Rolex Cal 3135 when used KIF supply shock absorbers, but also in the movement of mechanical watches The best supplier of shock absorbers. The Panerai is the choice of Incabloc as a shock supplier, long before the future changes in the future Seagull ST Incabloc shock absorber program, has also been popular too high imitation of the table world, I believe that the table faithful have heard, here Do not do a detailed explanation. ②: The optimal solution in the optimal scheme In my view, ETA watch for the power of mechanical, winding mechanism, energy storage control through a large number of patent acquisitions, and Swatch Group for the acquisition of a large number of brands, coupled with their own creation, has included almost all the clock industry The most outstanding program, but the Rolex as an independent tabulation brand, if the company's patent to buy a competitor's license is too low, so in 3135, we can see a completely different power, winding, energy storage mechanism, As well as completely different from other watch movement design, ③: headstrong and inspired by the spirit of innovation So how is Rolex innovation is how to do it? We are mainly in terms of Rolex gear, from the gear color can be seen that the movement of the Rolex assembly for future maintenance is done. Red gear: automatic chain control wheel, that is, the energy generated by the rotation of the rudder to the balance wheel to send the link in the continuous rotation of the hairpin Golden gear: time to adjust the wheel, driven by the rotation of the pointer pointer, adjust to the correct time, Because the movement of the rational design, which makes maintenance in the Rolex is very easy, according to the situation can immediately determine which parts of the problem, and then can be immediately replaced and resolved. There is no doubt that this is Rolex in almost all outstanding patents are owned by others in the case of an innovation, 3135 time to adjust, and calendar fast adjustment, and the color separation of the gear program, are Rolex Application of the patent, although there is no way to approach, but also had to praise replica watches for the service-related serious attitude. ④: "Geneva pattern" of those things From the start of this forum, the first thing I did was correct the "polished" word that looked professional and confirmed that it was a translation error that translated Polish into polish, causing many friends to calibrate and Polish mixed, gratifying, since I popular science knowledge in this area, at least in my management of high imitation mall, very few customers mention, "polished" the word, So the Polish way in the end what? I genuine RolexCal.3135 as an example to explain to you, The first layer of plywood: for the ruled Polish, plus engraved bronzing, The second & three plywood: for the sun pattern Polish Autopilot: ruled Polish) B; ^) O / J0 s # f% R I believe we often hear a word called the Geneva pattern, the Geneva Stripes, this line is in fact the sun pattern Polish, wave pattern Polish, ring Polish a collectively, the current domestic watch manufacturers can also make the same lines, which And not to mention what is high-tech, but the Swiss watch for the aesthetic tradition of a collectively, can be used as intentions or no intention of a reference, but true and false or high imitation or genuine is of no reference significance. ⑥: intentions to the user to consider more comprehensive Genuine Rolex in the appearance of the intentions of the design, the function of the movement also made a great upgrade, such as the calendar to quickly adjust the time to quickly correct, and so are through a variety of small parts of the set and achieve the effect , I believe that no one will care, tune the calendar from 1 to 31 to turn the bezel in the end is to 1 minute, or 20 seconds, but Rolex watches as the brand side, the user's efficiency will always put in the first place , Rolex of this innovation, so that Rolex has become the fastest calendar mechanical watch to adjust the mechanical watch, which is a lot of people (including me, like the 3135 movement one of the important reasons) This not only requires a new mechanical design. More need to fully fit the calendar disk, more importantly, this is the Rolex starting from the user's mind Well, through this series of articles, I believe everyone, for the genuine & imitation goods, transformation of the 3135 movement has a real, objective understanding of it, I have said imitation goods can be better, but the genuine must Not the other businessmen mouth "pit tool" especially in addition to Swatch Li Feng two groups under the independent watchmaking brand, their every upgrade, are very great ideas, of course, all this is the need for cost , So I carefully comprehend, and then look back, authentic really is worth the price they describe. I also hope that those who budget enough, and indeed very much like that watch friends, do not consider high imitation watches, but choose a real Swiss brand watches, watch the full experience of all genuine, and then come back to buy high imitation, Is a different feeling. Well, thank you for watching