The whole network the most detailed genuine Rolex Cal.3135 Xiangjie (blue PARACHROM hairspring version)

Today, to share a little dry goods, I believe this is the most detailed network of genuine Rolex Cal.3135 on the detailed movement of the "no one", this article I will explain in detail the appearance of this movement, precision, Details, and my personal movement on this almost myth of some understanding. If you always want to understand this movement, but suffer from no pictures, in addition to the official website no more information to support the case, you can refer to this article. Of course, if you are too expensive because of genuine, high imitation watch and then looked too Low then the end of this article I will write about these things some personal views. Of course, personal views are for reference only. First of all, we have to introduce the genuine uk replica watches Cal.3135 standard version Phase: new original Source: Rolex overseas after-sales service center (because all the external rolex replica watches movement bar code can be traced directly to all handle, in order to protect its security, I will bar code blurred) Production batch: 2015/01 / First, the appearance of articles First of all, we take a look at the movement of the general appearance, I believe I have been chasing after the 3135 article written by the Friends of this picture estimates have seen a lot of, yes, this does with the high imitation of the Super Cal.3135 Almost exactly the same. Whether in the shock absorber structure, or the appearance of the structure, are completely consistent. If you are interested in the super 3135 friends, you can go and see my previous articles, self-Bunao contrast. Of course, this is the latest version of the Rolex Cal.3135 movement, also equipped with the latest blue PARACHROM gossamer system, the early Rolex Cal.3135 (2008 years ago) and not equipped with this system, gossamer is silver. It is noteworthy that this is not distinguish "true", "false" Rolex movement of the hard standard, tomorrow I will update on the old version of the Rolex movement photos. For everyone to see what happens. Second, the accuracy of evaluation This movement in order to protect its initial quality, I did not deliberately to calibrate this movement, but a simple on the chain, the instrument directly to the school to check. Specific travel error, and the potential difference, you can refer to, I believe Rolex watches in the completion of the genuine will be sent after further calibration. Front: 0 ° angle Back detailed Beautiful pearl pattern Polish way, so that the original should look a lot of parts of the movement should be positive, it is extremely simple, have to say. Rolex in this movement is very, very hard. It can be said that from the inside out, will reflect the most outstanding beauty. Third, the detailed Xiangjie: ①: PARACHROM hairspring replica watches uk PARACHROM gossamer system will be referred to as the paramagnetic gossamer Here I want to share with you about the clock movement by the impact of magnetic force, not only on the hairspring to re-design using weak magnetic metal alloy to create gossamer, more importantly, Balance wheel, also use weak magnetic metal, but relative to the hairspring. The balance wheel is not easily magnetized. And degaussing convenient, in the discussion of the original process, often seen, it was said Omega Cal.8500 Department of the magnetic effect of the movement better, in fact, Omega Cal.8500 is a further solution. Balance wheel using weak magnetic metal, but the use of weak magnetic metal will encounter a problem, in the case of strenuous exercise, is very likely to cause watches, too fast, or too slow situation. Can not maintain a stable travel time. So at this point, I prefer the Rolex will be on time stability in the first pragmatic approach. ②: shock absorber The real kif shock absorbers, of course, in the current replacement of Paul card after the genuine Rolex has now used a new generation of shock absorbers. I have only the hands of the Rolex Cal.3135 is estimated to be the last batch of genuine shock absorbers using kIf 3135 movement. The new version of the shock absorber According to official data that is better than kif to 50%, but this is not confirmed, I am not sure, after all, only 3 months of listing a new generation of products. Who can give a definite answer? But to be sure, the 3135 KIF shock absorber in use, there is no doubt very good solution. At least I removed the two different periods of genuine Rolex, have seen the shadow of the Kif shock absorber. I believe that through this article on the original authentic 3135 movement with a certain depth understanding of it. I believe this is the only one of the whole network, on the illustrations of authentic Cal.3135 illustrations. Now I'll give you pull a pull my own views on the authentic watch. We may think that high-imitation of the open model, and genuine is "irreconcilable" relationship is not the case. To tell the truth, I personally think that the real production of watches and clocks, mainly two commercial companies, one is Patek Philippe, one is Rolex, completely independent research and development of the movement, completely their appearance, and proficient in legal affairs, pay attention to the use of patents, In all the normal commercial war, can stand in an invincible position. Rolex watches at the same time is also an independent brand, the largest number of its own patented commercial companies. In short, this 3135 is not like the tourbillon watch belongs to the art of a symbol, but the complete new technology, and watch the rigorous product, if S.Jobs is standing on the humanities and technology , Then at this intersection, a man named Hans Wilsdorf should stand there early and wait for him. I think the purchase of genuine watches must buy the latest version, at least for now, I buy my favorite authentic. Never to find the so-called purchasing, take a cheap price, I have been a loyal fan of the State Bank of Rolex, compared to the poor purchasing services (Tucao had to look at a J at the beginning of the service, I feel I have not Management of high imitation table mall reasonable), I tend to choose their own. Of course, in terms of personal use of the genuine watch is always not optimistic. Because you can not understand the genuine brand of intentions and products and services for the pursuit of perfection. Well, the above is my movement for this, as well as the original watch the full view. Benevolent see benevolence see wisdom, thank you for watching