Eyran Katsenelenbogen: Resume





ﲤan Hall, Boston, MA, 2002, 2009

嬩cja Blumental Music Centre, Tel-Aviv, 2008

天torium Maximum, University of Hildesheim, Germany, 2008
䡬ian National Festival, Teatro di Marcello, Rome, 2004-08
㵬lers Jazz Club, Boston, 2008
䥩nert Hall, Boston, 2008
壨stein Centrum, Hamburg, 2007
䥰hen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, England, 2006
⩮oui, Luxembourg, 2001, 2006
嬴ure Salon, Sossmar, Germany, 2006
㠃ultural Center, New York, 2005-06
⩧ham Young University Center for Near Eastern Studies, Jerusalem, 2005
嬭Aviv Jazz Festival, Tel-Aviv Cinemateque, Tel-Aviv, 2005
岵salem Academy of Music, Jerusalem, 2005
촳tadtrathaus Concert Hall, Braunschweig, Germany, 2004
﮳ervatory of Zurich, Zurich, 2001
岧h House, London, 2000



蠆ingers, Eyran Records, 2009 ӯlotude, Eyran Records, 2006 쯳pan>

אָtude DVD, Eyran Records, 2005 굳t For Fun, Eyran Records, 2005 쯳pan>

䒳 Reigning Kats & Dogs & Bogen, Eyran Records, 2003 쯳pan>

ᳩs Jazz Instrumentals, Oasis, 2001 毲mation, Eyran Records, 2000 쯳pan>

is Not Fun, but 20 is Plenty, Savage Records, 2000 쯳pan>

쯵ds, Eyran Records, 1999 㯬o Piano, Eyran Records, 1998 쯳pan>

鶥, Eyran Records, 1997 沥edom, Eyran Records, 1996 쯳pan>

襠Bareback Trio, Eyran Records, 1996 ﮥ Time, Jazzis, 1992 쯳pan>

Ẻonettes, Jazzis, 1989 硹s Jazz Ensemble, CDI 1989




鬤esheimer Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany, 2008 ꡺z Times, 2007 쯳pan>

쬁boutJazz.com, 2004, 2006 ꡺zPolice.com, 2006 ᬬ About Jazz巠York, 2006 ﳰan>

촲isuoni.org, 2005 ᬬ Music Guide (AMG), 2002 ꡺zReview.com, 2001 쯳pan>

鳴en.com, 2000 㡤ence Magazine, New York, 1999 ⯳ton Globe, Boston, 1997 쯳pan>

Ẻ Journal International, London, 1995 ꡺z Hot, Paris, 1994 s, Tel-Aviv, 1993




rview, WBZ 1030, Boston, MA, 2008

ne interview, Sossmar.de, Sossmar, Germany, 2007

rview, BBC York, UK, 2006

rview, JazzInk.com, 2006

⴩st spotlight, JazzReview.com, 2006

鶥 interviews, Israeli Broadcasting Service, Jerusalem, 2001, 2002, 2005

壯rded interview broadcast, Good Morning America, ABC, 2002

鶥 interview, WHRB 95.3 FM Harvard University Radio, Cambridge, MA, 2002

鶥 performances, WERS 88.9, Emerson College Radio, Boston, MA, 1996, 2002

䵣ational documentary, The Learning Channel (TLC), CBS Productions, 2001

鶥 interview, Radio Tיlיvision Belge Francophone, Brussels, 2001

鶥 performances, WGBH 89.7FM, Boston, MA, 1996, 2000




ᣵlty, New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA, 1996-present

⩶ate Studio, Boston, MA, 2005-present

⩶ate Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1985-92




チP Plus Awards, 2002-08

ᳳachusetts Cultural Council Performing and Touring Roster, 2001-present

頋appa Lambda, Iota Chapter Award, 1997

㡤emic Distinction & Excellence in Performance, NEC, Boston, MA, 1997

ᴩonal Dean̩st Award and biography publication, 1996-97




巠England Conservatory, Boston, B.M, Piano Improvisation & Jazz Performance, 1997

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⩮cipal Teachers:

ᮠBlake, Paul Bley, Fred Hersch,ᩤa Barenboim,�achem Wizenberg



ᮩlo Perez, Bob Moses,絮ther Schuller, George Russell, Hankus Netsky༯span>



鲡n Katsenelenbogen Trio, The Bareback Trio, Contemporary Ensemble, NEC

駭Band, NEC Honors Improvisation Trio



References Available Upon Request